Website Management:Read This Before Doing Anything

Many businesses are unaware what it takes to run a website nor what website management entails. There are so many website management services out there, and it can be confusing to comprehend what each entails.

Our major business area is to assist clients with website management services.

What Exactly is Website Management?

Website Management includes all the services combined needed to effectively and efficiently operate a successful website so that you don’t have to worry about anything. For us when you assign us your website to manage, we do all the heavy lifting while you just tell us what you need.

When you share your vision and mission with us, we translate them into your website yielding you the exact result expected. Some industry best practices must be followed to obtain maximum results.

There are three key categories of Website Management, and they include.
. Website Content Management
. Website Support Services
. Website Security

When you get these things right, you can operate a successful online business with little or no hitches.

Website Content Management

Website Content Management is one of the biggest and most important aspect of any website Management Services. A periodic update with new contents remains the one of the most important thing you can do to make your website successful.

To add contents is not as simple as pasting texts and publishing it. Content Management involve things like creating contents, publishing blog post, adding images, fixing web pages, and the likes.

Example – If you run and eCommerce website, you have to keep updating your website with current products, stock availability, and other changes that are vital to your business. These changes can be traumatic, and you may not have time to handle them, and that calls for outsourcing. These services could go with enterprise content management which is more robust.

To get best result experience on your website, you must optimize your website contents. You need a proper understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Hypertext Markup Language – HTML to properly format your website contents and that is a Science and an Art.

This equally holds true for images which should be optimized with tags and compressed for faster loading.

Website Security

This is the most crucial aspect of a good website management service. On a regular basis, every website is attacked by hackers and Cyber criminals trying to steal information or take over the website. A vital website management component is making sure your website is secure and free from vulnerabilities.

Majority of the attacks on every website are automated and are designed to attack your website users or phish for information using your website as a platform.

Website Secure includes both passive active management. Passive management includes setting up good firewalls and security measures that block attackers. Active management includes malware scans and updating your website architecture.

These measures are implemented to help keep your website safe, secure and maintain trust relationship between your business and your customers.

Website Support

All other aspects of website management services are enclosed in website support. The services ranges from responding to questions on the website, tweaking the layouts or navigation. Password reset or forgotten password, e-mail support and other support services that will be vital to your online presence are included.

Talking with Redevolution, ” a website management team consisting of a designer, coder and search marketing expert represents an overhead of around £100k A year…”, they said.

Website support services can either be outsourced to companies like 6Scan or handled by your team in-house. Outsourcing these services is less expensive as you may be unable to find an effective employee in all website management aspects.