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How It Works

Powerful Automated Website Protection

Now with Server-side Scanning!

At 6Scan we continue to break new ground in the fight against hackers. Our latest innovation is our Server-side Scanning: an advanced technology that scans your website for any hidden backdoors left behind by hackers. This is the industry's first real-time malware solution that works automatically on the web application layer - dramatically reducing the risk window between infection and remediation. Not only does this secure your visitors against drive-by downloads and malicious redirects it protects your business from being blacklisted and effectively disappearing from search engines and popular browsers.

Effective website security requires experience and dedication, but too often "website administrator" is merely another hat worn by an under-resourced team or individual. 6Scan, the world's first automated website security suite, takes over this critical task, allowing you to focus on what's most important to you: running your business. Our patent-pending technology scans and automatically fixes critical issues that - if left unresolved - could damage your website's reputation and drag down your revenue. It's designed for small businesses, bloggers and website owners who lack IT resources by still need to secure their website to protect their visitors, brands and revenue streams. If your website is core to your brand, trust its security to 6Scan.

First Real-Time Automated

Malware solution that works automatically reducing the risk window between infection and remediation.

Identify the Threat

Our free scan identifies vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to gain access to the systems behind your website. This scan also delivers information on existing malware that hackers may have installed and perhaps already exploited.

Eliminate the Threat

Once the threats have been detected you have the option to purchase the security service that fits your needs. 6Scan's patent-pending technology then automatically fixes those issues within seconds, leaving hackers with nothing to attack.

Why Would Hackers Target My Site?

When a major financial institution or retailer is hacked, it makes headlines. That coverage encourages the misconception that attackers are only after banks, large companies, or critical infrastructure. However, a more accurate view of the risks facing small business websites comes from industry reports. Case in point: a Verizon 2013 Security Report found that 71% of data breaches affected companies of 100 employees or fewer.

Hackers strike for many reasons, and they have a lot to gain from a successful attack on sites of all sizes. Any site, no matter how small, can help them in their efforts to steal information, infect PCs and conduct other malicious activities. The infographic below illustrates what hackers have to gain from attacking your website. 6Scan is purpose-built to protect you from these threats.

Infographic Transcript

6Scan Protects You From These Threats


  • Use your site to deliver drive-by-downloads that infect visitors and create bot nets.

Resource Theft

  • Use your email account to send spam
  • Host content on your site including phishing pages
  • Store illegal content on your server
  • Launch attacks on other targets


  • Show of skills or garner attention for a specific cause

IP Reputation

  • Use your legitimate IP address to avoid URL blacklists and spam filters

Data Theft

  • Steal your visitors' information
  • Steal your members'/users' log-in credentials
  • Steal your server log-in credentials

Collateral Damage

  • Exploit vulnerabilities as part of an automated attack on a board range of IP addresses

Why 6Scan?

When you subscribe to 6Scan it's like getting an entire websites security team. Around the clock we assess your site, block attacks, patch vulnerable code, remediate infections - we even check on blacklists just to make sure your site's reputation is untarnished. If we see something that needs to be fixed we don't call you with questions or sell you a new service - we fix the problem.

You're kept in the loop with email and text messages, and you can always check your dashboard to review activity. You don't need to be an expert in website security to have a secure website. That's our job.