Does Your Website Have Malware?

Check Now for Malware & Ransomware

We'll scan your website for ransomware and malware to ensure you are not vulnerable to the latest attacks.

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Why 6Scanner?

When you subscribe to 6Scanner it's like getting an entire websites security team. Around the clock website malware scanner, ransomware scanner, we assess your site, block attacks, patch vulnerable code, remedy infections - we even check on blacklists just to make sure your site's reputation is untarnished. If we see something that needs to be fixed we don't call you with questions or sell you a new service - we fix the problem.

You're kept in the loop with email and text message forwarding, and you can always check your dashboard to review activity. You don't need to be an expert in website security to have a secure website. That's our job.


Website Malware Scanner In Numbers

6Scanners advanced scan protection, combined with our proprietary automation, makes 6Scanner your best choice for website security.

180000 : USERS


Why Would Hackers Target My Site?


Use your site to deliver drive-by-downloads that infect visitors and create bot nets


Use your site to deliver drive-by-downloads that infect visitors and create bot nets


Show off skills or garner attention for a specific cause


- Use your email account to send span
- Host content on your site including phishing pages
- Store illegal content on your server


- Steal your visitors' information
- Steal your members'/users' log-in credentials
- Steal you server log-in credentials


Exploit vulnerabilities as part of an automated attack on a board range of IP addresses

Protect your industry

Malware and Your Industry


What People Are Saying

- Client

"6scan gives our users piece of mind that they are looking for when it comes to integrating with our Servgrow software."

Soderman SEO
- Client

"With over 300 clients and their websites, it's vitally important that Soderman SEO takes proactive measures when it comes to internet security."

Elite Web Design
- Client

"Elite Web Design has worked with over 5000 websites and 6scan has been there almost every step of the way."

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The First Automated Website Security Suite

6Scanner is a full service security solution for your website. Our patent-pending technology combines a full suite of features, referential integrity that scan and automatically fix critical issues that - if left unresolved - could damage your business and customers, your reputation and destroy your web presence.

Malware Scan

A complex scan that runs a number of different tests to detect any signs of malware on your website. The 6Scan malware scan deploys a much larger set of tests than most of the simple.

Malware Removal

A service to restore your website after a malware attack. 6Scan's security experts will access your website and remove any malicious code or backdoors.

Server-side Scan

A scan and examination of the files on your hosting account for any signs of backdoors or hidden malware code which could be used to compromise your website.

Website Scan

Website Scan -Detects vulnerabilities that could make your site a target for attacks. The proactive service works seamlessly in the background to maintain website security.

Auto Vulnerability Repair

Patent-pending patching technology acts immediately to resolve problems with vulnerable website code. Left unchecked these issues become entry points for hackers to gain access to your website.

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