How to Get an Ad on Google

Although creating an efficient website and making sure all the website security items on the list are checked are two good ways to get started, you’ll need more to increase your business sales. To boost your reach, get new customers, and skyrocket your business, the best decision you can make is to advertise business on Google Ads.

This online advertising platform is known as the largest and most used online marketing strategy to increase your audience to millions. What’s the use of having one of the best-looking real estate agent websites when people can’t see it? If you want to increase the traffic to your business, you need to learn how to get an ad on Google, which is exactly what you’ll read in this article. Learn to advertise with Google and increase your sales!

How Does Advertising With Google Work?

Is advertising on Google worth it? How does it work? Although it works like an auction, money isn’t the only thing that matters. So, how to get an ad on Google? Well, Google also considers the relevance and quality of your ad campaign and not just the amount of money you’re willing to pay. This quality and relevance are determined by the keywords that advertisers use for their campaign. Depending on their business, potential customers will look for different keywords to try to find the products or services they’re looking for. Therefore, advertisers can bid on these words and choose how much they’re willing to pay for them, leading to the term “pay per click advertising.”

As your ads can shop up at the exact moment when a searcher types the keywords into Google, you get the opportunity to obtain new customers, which is what makes advertising on Google so powerful and efficient.

Advertise Business on Google

How to Advertise With Google

First, you need to create a free Google Ads account to be able to advertise on Google. Then, you can follow the next 10 steps on the process of how to get an ad on Google:

How to Optimize Your Google Ads?

Optimizing your account structure is one of the first steps to consider when you advertise on Google. Even though you can mirror your website management and structure or categorize your products, the most successful and effective accounts share a similar hierarchy. On the top, there’s the account itself. Then, you have your campaigns. While some advertisers run several campaigns at a time, others choose to run only one. Whatever you decide, each campaign will hold various ad groups with their particular ad text, landing pages, and of course, specific keywords.

Commonly, campaigns are organized by themes, such as holidays sales or seasons, and within each campaign, ad groups are organized by services or products. Finally, products have their particular targeted keywords, ads, and landing pages as single products. We suggest organizing your account this way to have a great influence on your PPC metrics, while you keep everything in order.

Advertise on Google