About Us


Our Mission

Our mission is to reverse the rising trend of successful website hacks, making the Internet a safer place for website owners as well as for users.
As more and more websites will use our one-click, always-updated protection, hackers will have less and less surface area to perform their attacks.



6Scan Ltd. has developed a real-time, fully automated system for securing websites against vulnerabilities and malware.
The company, launched in 2011, we have our headquarters and development team in Tel Aviv, Israel and our business team in San Francisco, CA.


About Us

Our story begins at Matzov, the Israeli military unit responsible for defending confidential communications from hackers – the Israeli counterpart of America’s NSA. After spending years designing security algorithms and testing products for vulnerabilities, we became the go-to people for help with securing, well, pretty much anything. We couldn’t help but notice a question that kept popping up: “My website got hacked; what do I do now?” None of the solutions we knew of could fix that problem once and for all – they were either complicated, expensive, or did only half the job. Thus, we decided to see if we could think up a way to protect websites that is both affordable and easy enough to use so that websites of any size and budget could finally solve the hacker problem, once and for all – and 6Scan was born.